Kevin Krenitsky, MD

In 2015, I began the process of withdrawing from the constant focus on the external experience of working to obtain more... more money, status, etc..  After my position as Chief Commercial Officer at Foundation Medicine (FMI) successfully ended, I continued to work as the President of a small biotech company for a year and a half, but the pull to go "inward' became too great. In 2017, we sold our home and moved down to southwest Florida where we arranged our life around a full time pursuit of spirituality. At first, this was a continuation of the deeper principles of A Course in Miracles, but I quickly hit a roadblock there as well. That prompted another great "willingness" and this willingness led me to discover the direct path to the recognition of our true nature.

At that time, I was going through an extremely difficult withdrawal from decades of taking anti-anxiety medication and one day while sitting in meditation, and in the midst of seemingly overwhelming anxiety, the mind completely stopped, dissolving into its source.  In that timeless instant, all concepts were resolved. This was not an experience but rather the absence of all experience leaving only pure being. In this instant, all labels such as holy spirit, consciousness, presence, Tao, etc., were known and experienced as our eternal nature, which is happiness itself. Five years later, after considerable integration of this recognition, I wrote The Still Point to help others recognize the ever present reality of their true nature of peace and happiness.